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What Would YOU Do?

Last updated 5 years ago

Let’s face it; most contests that come up give you the feeling of “well this is a scam”. However every once in a while, as seen by the huge Mega Millions pot that hit Maryland last month, a contest comes up that makes you say: “You know? I actually have a chance!”

Well ladies and gentlemen this summer Jerry’s Auto Group created a contest that will make you feel just that. Starting June 1st and running until Labor Day (September 3rd) Jerry’s is hiding keys in their primary market area and giving clues as to their location. Those who find the winning keys are then entered to win at a wrap up event hosted by Jerry’s Auto Group (For more info on the contest visit

The two cars that are available to win are the 2012 Scion iQ and the 2012 Chevrolet Cruze, which made us start thinking: If we were to win these cars what we would do with them? The following ideas came to mind.

Try The Scion iQ’s Turning Radius and Parallel Parking Skills

We have all seen the commercials for the Scion iQ showing off its impressive turning radius as well as its ability to be parked in virtually any parking spot. (if you haven’t check this out and )

The first thing I would do is find an empty lot and show off my iQ’s turning radius to my friends. The Scion iQ has a turning radius of 12 feet, making it possible to complete even the tightest turns. Another test for this radius would be performed during U-Turn attempts at tight interceptions. Something tells us that the iQ will be able to pull a U-turn in even the tightest intersections.

After showing off the iQ’s impressive turning radius I would move directly into attempting to recreate the parallel park job seen at the commercial (though seeing as I am not a trained driver I would be going much slower, and the two cars would be cones….I don’t want to ruin my baby ).

The one terrible thing about living in Baltimore will actually come in the handiest for the parallel park job test. As we all know finding street parking in the Baltimore area is almost impossible. Hate when you drive by a spot that you know you would fit in had the person there parked 5 inches forward? Well with the Scion iQ you don’t have to worry about that. The 2012 Scion iQ is about 120 inches long, making it easy to fit in all of those hard to park areas. Look out Baltimore parking, prepare to be defeated.

Take the Sonic on a romantic road trip!

A few weeks ago I made a post via social media asking our followers what they would do if they won a car and one answer really stood out to me. One person said that they had always wanted to be able to take a road trip across the 50 states in the U.S, and that is a dream that I have shared for many years.


Now realistically speaking we are aware that the Chevy Sonic will not be ideal for a full family road trip, so instead we came up with a better idea: A romantic getaway for our significant others!

If you are, or have been, in a relationship you know that every couple dreams of that romantic getaway, away from work, stress and everything else that makes vacations necessary. Many couples hope for it, and most are never able to fulfill their dream due to lack of funds, unreliable vehicles, etc. However, winning a brand new car takes the stress of wondering whether your car will break down on the side of the road out of your dream vacation.

The 2012 Chevy Sonic is the perfect vehicle for a romantic getaway.  It is comfortable, it is spacious and the 1.8-liter model with the automatic transmission can get 25 mpg city/35 mpg highway and 28 mpg combined. 35 MPG Highway means you will save your money at the pump so you can spend it on your sweetheart; it is a win-win if I ever saw one.

Another reason why this would be the perfect road trip vehicle is because the 2012 Chevy Sonic is simply a fun car to drive! It offers light steering and it quickly reacts during turns. It even drives well on trails, making this a fun car to take to your getaway, wherever it may be.

Turn garage into entertainment center

While this is one that doesn’t specifically relate to what you would do with the car, it does relate to what having the car can do for you!

Take a look at the size of a one car garage and co

mpare it to the diminutive size of the 2012 Scion iQ; Catch my drift?

The Scion iQ is so tiny (its only about 120 inches long) that it offers its owner the ability to use that garage for something better and more entertaining. This could be a perfect place to create your “man cave”, a good work area or even your own personal work out zone.

If I had my dream garage it would have the following.

  1. Big Screen T.V (Flat screen to save room ;o))
  2. Man Couch or Recliner Man Chair
  3. Video game system (PS3 or Xbox 360) to use for entertainment, DVD play and Netflix direct stream purposes.
  4. My Scion iQ

See? Entertainment made easy!

Cruise Europe with the iQ

If anybody has been to Europe you know that European streets were not made for most average sized vehicles to go in. After reading how our friends at Google used the Scion iQ to cruise the streets of Belgium (find it at I figured, why not fulfill a lifelong fantasy of traveling the old continent?

The Scion iQ would be the perfect car to travel around in Europe. It is fuel efficient, It’s easy to maneuver in Europe’s busy streets and it is the perfect size to make it anywhere. If I could choose one car to have during a European road trip, this would certainly be it!

So What Would YOU Do?

So now that you have read my ideas I would like to hear from you. What would you do if you won a 2012 Chevy sonic or a 2012 Scion iQ?

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