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How to Avoid Getting Pulled Over!

Last updated 5 years ago

How to Avoid Getting Pulled Over!

We’ve all been there…You are in a rush on your way to work and you begin to speed to get there. However just when you think you’re in the clear, you see the one thing you don’t want to see behind you at that specific moment: The old blue and red lights from your towns finest patrol man/woman.

While these are moments that we absolutely hate in life, getting pulled over is something that 99% of the time is preventable. So after doing some research and checking a few different sources, we have compiled a list of some of things NOT to do to avoid getting pulled over.

While these are the best we found, I am sure there is something we could have missed so feel free to comment and give us your own tips! And NO we don’t mean “outrun the cops” wise guys! :o)

1. Avoid Speeding.

This one should be a no brainer, but it is the easiest way at getting pulled over. By now you should know to slow down in front of police, however the increase of traffic cameras have also made it a reason you might want to slow down.

Aside from saving you money on speeding tickets, you should think about your safety when speeding. The faster you go, the longer it takes to react to an unexpected situation, and the longer it will you’re your people to be able to completely come to a stop.

The worst parts of traffic tickets is that even if you take it to court, chances are you will lose. Speeding can usually be proven in the police officer’s favor, so even if you go to court, the most you can expect is reducing your penalty, but expect to pay a fine anyways.

Whether it is saving your driving record, your money or your health make sure you slow down.

2. Hazardous driving.

This one should be a no brainer, but we may have all committed this without even knowing it!

While the category for hazardous driving usually makes people think of swerving, speeding, racing, etc. it also includes a whole range of things.

Remember that time you were rushing and had to eat your lunch on your way to work? That is something that counts as hazardous driving!

Remember that time you did your make up while driving? Or that time you had to change your outfit while driving? That is another example!

What you have to think about is this: If you have to take your attention away from the road to accomplish any task, it increases your risk of getting in an accident and thus it’s considered hazardous driving. If you really have to get something done while in the car, your safe bet is to just pull over where you can and take care of it.

3. Illegal cell phone use and equipment

By now over 30 states have banned texting while driving, and some have even banned all use of cell phones while behind the wheel. Unless you are using a hands free device, your best bet is to wait until you reach your destination to use your phone. Unless it’s an emergency, chances are you can wait to make that call or text that person. Doing so could save your life!

What exactly is considered illegal equipment? burned-out headlights, broken tail lights, heavily tinted windows, broken windshields, expired tags, the lack of a front license plate (in some states) and loud exhaust modifications are a few examples of illegal equipment that make you subject to being pulled over.

4. Following too closely and improper lane changes.

This is something that you are advised against doing during driving school, but it’s something that too many people are guilty of. Following too closely can lead to an accident by shortening a driver's reaction time that combined with some other form of hazardous driving (cell phone use, eating, etc) can be deadly.

An improper lane change would mean, for example, cutting someone off or changing lanes without checking for cars next to you. Failure to signal can also be added to this ticket so make sure you always use your turn signals and LOOK before changing lanes.

5. Driving slower than traffic

This one might be a little shocking to everybody, but think about it this way. You are on your way home on the highway at night, following all speed limits of course ;), when all of the sudden you come across a person going way slower than you. There are no obstacles on the road, and there doesn’t seem to be any weather hazards such as rain or snow that would make this person drive that slow: What would you think?

That’s right, driving slower than traffic might actually make a police man you are 1) under the influence of something 2) being suspicious or 3) there is something wrong with you and increases your odds of getting pulled over.

In fact there are some highways that even have “minimum speed limits” to let people know what the safest ‘slow’ speed they can drive at.

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