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Fuel Efficient Cars

Last updated 5 years ago

With gas prices on the rise, people are replacing their cars with new ones that get much better fuel economy, and who can blame them. That’s why at Jerry’s Auto Group, we are proud to offer quality cars that get great fuel economy. The average 2013 vehicle gets 23 MPG, so let’s take a look and see how Toyota and Scion compare.


As we all know Toyota offers a wide range of vehicles for all consumers, however with gas prices on the rise, style has taken a back seat to fuel efficiency for some Marylanders. Keeping this in mind, Toyota has come out with some good looking vehicles that still get great fuel economy.

First up is the 40 plus MPG(e) club, which includes: the 2013 Prius Hatchback (or Prius), 2013 Prius V, 2013 Prius C, 2013 Prius Plug-in, 2013 Camry Hybrid, and the 2013 Avalon Hybrid. The leader of the pack is the Prius Plug-in, getting a combine 95 MPGe; for those of you who may not know, the e in MPGe stands for electric. Next up are the Prius C and Prius Hatchback with a combine 50 MPG, followed by the Prius V. With lots of room on the interior, the Prius family not only offers great fuel economy, but also has the looks and functionality of a grand car. Of course we can’t forget about the all new redesigned Avalon, with a new sleek look and great MPG, the 2013 Avalon Hybrid promises to be a fantastic vehicle. Expected to be released later this year, the 2013 Rav4 EV will be an electric car with a combine 76 MPGe.

Our second group is the 30-40 MPG club, which includes: the 2013 Yaris, 2013 Camry, 2013 Corolla, 2013 Avalon, and the 2013 Rav4. The leader of this group is the 2013 Yaris, with 37 MPG highway; it offers the fuel economy and all the space you could ask for in a midsized car.

Next up, offering 35 MPG highway is the 2013 Camry. As one of the most popular cars in its class last year, and the #1 projected selling car in 2013, this proves to be a car worth looking at. Of course who can forget the 2013 Corolla with 34 MPG highway, the 2013 Corolla is projected to be the #6 selling car this year. Next up is the newly redesigned 2013 Avalon, with 31 MPG highway, this all new redesigned car will demand attention.  Last but certainly not least is the all new redesigned 2013 Rav4 with 31 MPG highway. Not only does the 2013 Rav4 have an entirely new look, but it gets great MPG; and Toyota is predicting that it will be one of its best sellers this year.

Our third group is the 30 and below MPG(e) club, which includes: the 2013 Highlander Hybrid, 2013 Venza, 2013 Sienna, 2013 4Runner and the 2013 Tacoma. The leader of this group is the 2013 Highlander hybrid, with 28 MPG highway this SUV offers a great fuel economy without sacrificing any of the qualities of a good SUV. With 26 MPG highway, the 2013 Venza is a crossover that offers solid MPG and plenty of cargo room, without the bulkiness of a full size.  A Minivan with plenty of room and comfort, the 2013 Sienna offers a very nice 23 MPG highway. With 22 MPG highway, the 2013 4Runner is a full size SUV that offers everything you would expect from an SUV plus fuel economy that you can be ok with, especially with a car this size. Finally, even though it is a 4WD pickup truck, the 2013 Tacoma gets 21 MPG highway; for a pickup you can’t really complain.


After falling into the shadows a little bit, Scion is making a big push back with the all new FR-S and vehicles that are fuel efficient.

The 2013 iQ leads all Scions with a combine 37 MPG, this compact car is definitely one to look at if you’re looking for something small with good fuel economy. Next up is the 2013 FR-S, with 34 MPG highway, this new sports car offers the excitement of driving a sports car. As well as great fuel economy; a combination that everyone has to appreciate. Finally the 2013 tC offers 31 MPG highway, this sedan offers a splash of sportiness while also giving you the comfort of driving a sedan.

With six cars that offer 40 or more MPG(e), eight cars that offer 30-40 MPG and five cars with 20-30 MPG(e) Jerry’s Toyota Scion is your clear choice to buy a fuel efficient car in the Baltimore County area. We look forward to seeing you soon, to schedule an appointment please call (877)-427-6511; or click here for more information on our inventory.

All MPG information taken from and projected sales taken from USA today website.


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