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Tips for Getting the Most Fuel Economy Out of Your New Toyota Vehicle

Last updated 4 years ago

When you purchase a new Toyota, you will benefit from state-of-the-art, fuel-efficient technology. In order to get the optimum fuel economy from your new vehicle, it is important to practice efficient driving and car care habits. Here are some tips for getting the most fuel economy out of your new Toyota vehicle:

Drive Efficiently

Safe and efficient driving habits are essential to getting the most gas mileage out of your vehicle. Avoid rapid acceleration and sudden braking, and instead try to smoothly accelerate and decelerate with control. Additionally, make sure to always drive the speed limit. If you drive too quickly, you will burn your engine’s gasoline faster, which will significantly decrease your fuel economy.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Scheduling key maintenance procedures for your new Toyota will ensure the longevity of your engine and help you get the best possible fuel economy. Make sure to have your oil changed regularly, as this will keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently. In addition, keep your tires properly inflated and rotated. If your Toyota is running on improperly inflated or balanced tires, it will be impossible to get the best possible fuel economy.

Plan Your Trips

Effective trip planning will help you get the best possible fuel economy from each drive. By avoiding travel during peak traffic times whenever possible, you will reduce the time you spend idling and burning gasoline. Also, if you pack lightly and efficiently for each trip, you will improve your Toyota’s fuel economy. Whenever you can, avoid storing bulky items on the roof of your car. When you have items on the outside of your car, this will increase wind resistance and lower fuel economy.

If you are looking for a fuel-efficient new vehicle, Jerry’s Toyota features a wide range of new Toyotas that have great fuel ratings. To learn about our full inventory, give our Baltimore Toyota dealership a call at (888) 714-6153.


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