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Driving Tips to Help You Get the Most MPGs out of Your New Toyota

Last updated 4 years ago

When you purchase a new Toyota, your vehicle will be equipped with the latest innovations in fuel-efficient technology. From the hybrid Prius to the fuel-sipping Corolla, Toyota offers a fantastic lineup of new vehicles that will help you get the most out of every trip to the gas station. With fuel-efficient driving techniques, you will be able to achieve the best possible fuel economy from your new Toyota. Here are some driving tips to help you get the most MPGs.

Follow the Speed Limit

To achieve the best possible fuel economy from your Toyota, you can follow the speed limit at all times. On the highway, rapid acceleration and speeding can burn excess fuel. In addition, studies have shown that any speeds over 60 mph will cause your fuel efficiency to decrease significantly. By accelerating smoothly and maintaining a steady speed, you will conserve fuel and achieve the best possible economy.

Remove Excess Weight

Your vehicle will achieve the best possible fuel economy if it is not weighted down by excess cargo. Whenever possible, avoid storing large and heavy items in your trunk for long periods of time. If you will be commuting around town, remove unneeded objects from your vehicle.

Maintain Your Tires

Your tires have a significant impact on the fuel economy of your tires. If your tires are properly inflated and in good condition, your vehicle will travel more efficiently down the road. Your tire maintenance procedure should include a regular check of your tire pressure, as well as routine visual inspections of your tire treads.

At Jerry’s Toyota, we offer a terrific inventory of fuel-efficient Toyota vehicles that you will love to drive. When you purchase a new or certified used Toyota from our dealership, our expert service center will provide you with all of the parts and maintenance you need to achieve the best performance from your Toyota. To learn more about the great car shopping experience that awaits you at our Baltimore dealership, call us at (888) 714-6153.


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