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    Tips for Your Test Drive

    Last updated 3 years ago

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying a car that’s new, used, or certified pre-owned, the test drive is the most important part of making a smart automotive purchase. You can read all the reviews and spec sheets you want, the only way to tell if a vehicle is a good fit for you and your family is to get behind the wheel and take a spin around town. To make sure you find the perfect new or used Toyota, here are some tips to get the most out of your test drive.

    Do a Walk-Around
    Before you get behind the wheel, take a walk around the vehicle and note features you like and dislike. Get a good look at the vehicle from different angles. Open up the trunk or tailgate and take a look at the available cargo space. If you’re buying a used car, look for cosmetic issues such as dents and scratches. You should also take a look under the vehicle to make sure there isn’t significant rusting or leaking.

    Get Comfortable
    After you get in the vehicle, take a few minutes to situate yourself and get comfortable in the driver’s seat before hitting the road. Adjust the seat and steering wheel, check your mirrors, and figure out where the important controls are located (headlights, windshield wipers, cruise control, etc.) before you pull out of the lot. This is also a good opportunity to safely play with the entertainment system, instead of doing so while on the road.

    Really Drive
    Don’t be afraid to really drive the vehicle during your test drive. You want to feel how the car accelerates, brakes, and handles. Since you’ll be driving the vehicle every day, you want to test-drive like your drive in real life so you can get determine whether or not the vehicle is right for you. Just make sure you obey traffic laws and drive safely.

    If you’re in the market for a new or pre-owned Toyota, come to Jerry’s Toyota and choose from the best selection of Toyota vehicles in Baltimore. Check out our entire inventory of new and used Toyota vehicles online, and then call us at (410) 661-5700 to schedule your test drive today.


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    Tires and Your Car's Stopping Distance

    Last updated 3 years ago

    What’s the difference between driving on good tires and tires that are worn? If you happen to be driving at 60 miles per hour on a wet road surface, the difference could be 10 additional car lengths—and that’s if you’re a professional driver. Watch this video to learn more about the relation between stopping distance and the condition of your car’s tires.

    To keep your car in tip-top shape, bring it to Jerry’s Toyota of Baltimore. Our Toyota service technicians can keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely. Visit us online or call us today at (410) 661-5700 to schedule a service appointment for your vehicle. When you do, be sure to ask about our complimentary tire inspections. You can also browse our inventory of new, used, and certified pre-owned Toyota vehicles if you’re looking to upgrade your ride. 

    Understanding Fuel Cell Technology

    Last updated 3 years ago

    In the past decade, Toyota has cemented itself as the world’s leading eco-friendly automaker. Visit your local Toyota dealership and you’ll find some of the most fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicles, including the best-selling Prius. But soon you’ll be able to test drive the next chapter in clean-driving technology: Hydrogen fuel cells. The Toyota Mirai is expected to begin production in late 2015. Until then, here is a primer on the fuel cell technology inside Toyota’s next-generation FCV.

    Hydrogen and Oxygen
    The hydrogen fuel cell stack is a tried-and-tested way to power a range of products, from submarines to backup power generators. The process starts by pumping hydrogen into special fuel tanks. Hydrogen then travels from the tanks to the fuel cell stack, where it goes through a chemical reaction with oxygen, creating electricity to power the vehicle. When you step on the accelerator, electricity from the fuel cell stack is sent to the motor, moving you forward.

    One of the most exciting benefits of hydrogen fuel cell technology is the fact that the only by-product of creating electricity with hydrogen and oxygen is water, which leaves through the tailpipe. Toyota’s FCV, along with other fuel cell vehicles, have the potential to greatly lower gas emissions in the U.S. and around the world.

    Safety Features
    Of course, the only thing more important to Toyota than fuel efficiency is vehicle safety. After millions of miles of road tests, track tests, crash tests, and fuel tank experiments, Toyota’s fuel cell system has proven itself safe and ready to take the automotive industry forward. From specially designed carbon fiber hydrogen tanks to intelligent monitoring systems and automatic shut-off valves, every feature inside the Toyota FCV meets Toyota’s rigorous safety standards.

    If you would like to know more about Toyota’s cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionizing the automotive industry, visit Jerry’s Toyota of Baltimore. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions you have about the past, present, or future of Toyota. Visit our website to see our current selection of new and used Toyota cars, or call us toll-free at (410) 661-5700 to schedule a test drive

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